Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey - A Tribute

     Blogging For Apples

     I have been blogging about film for almost two months now and I am truly grateful for entering this realm. I am equally grateful to those of you who have taken the time to read and comment on my writings. I sincerely thank every one of you for your continuing support. This is a fledgling. potentially career-defining hobby of mine, and I treat it with great care.
      My early foray into the blogosphere has taught me some unique lessons. For one, I love the concentration of feedback. The genesis of this blog is largely the result of my voracious film appetite, and my willingness to share my thoughts with other budding film aficionados. I am exposed to such a wide network of interesting people who all dispense meaningful queries on life and film. Moreover, one of the most appreciably tangible benefits of blogging is the idea of unique artistic procurement. As an avid filmgoer, my penchant for visual artistry is immense. Every once in awhile, I am privy to a visual gem and I am not referring to something you would see on the big screen. I am referring to this visual montage.
      I received an e-mail today from an impassioned Stanley Kubrick supporter; no doubt in response to that riveting "Kubrick vs. Scorsese video I highlighted a few weeks back. What struck me about this e-mail is the fact that this Kubrick fan—his name is Richard Vezina—devoted such a significant amount of his time to construct an immeasurably distinctive homage to Kubrick. Anyone who has dabbled in these forms of artistic visual creation can attest to the elaborate, and intricate rigors involved in such a sophisticated arrangement.
      The end result is a stunningly immense 13-minute montage highlighting Kubrick's career. I am dually thankful for Vezina in deciding to contact me to help spread his terrific work, and for the principal behind it. The most compelling reason behind my blogging is the ability to network with others in the film community. The impetus behind this blog post is a testament to that principal.

      Stanley Kubrick is a legendary filmmaker and his fine work has spanned many decades. Consequently, a wealth of iconic images has sprung from his ingenious cinematic mind. Vezina's expertly crafted montage beautifully captures much of this iconic imagery. Moreover, the visual arrangement is rhythmically and fluidly assembled in a manner akin to any well-directed film. This musically paced, 13-minute montage fits the parameters of any original work of art. Kudos Richard, for your efforts have resulted in an extraordinary composition of stunning iconography.
      Without further ado, here is Richard's epic video. I am sure that all of you who witness this montage will attest to its terrific composition.


* You can show some support to Richard and check out his video on youtube at this link here:  Stanley Kubrick Tribute Video


  1. Wow. This is simply stunning. Richard's work is extraordinary, an astounding tribute to the masterful Kubrick. Paths of Glory is perhaps my favorite Kubrick film. I am a student of WWI and he captured the chaos, futility and sheer hell of trench warfare and its toll on the human psyche.

    Your blog is exceptional, a bright and engaging forum that I thoroughly enjoy visiting. Your writing is nothing short of brilliant and I have no doubt that you will become a huge success.

  2. what, a lovely video for a men who gave us a lot of visually great scenes.
    And you know you have our support in your blogging career :)

  3. @ Melissa

    Thanks for the support. I am flattered. I extend the same great praise towards you.

    Also, Kubrick's technical and artistic mastery is incredible. I have not seen Paths of Glory (one of the few Kubrick films I've missed out on), but your ringing endorsement has motivated me to see it very soon. And yes, Richard's video was awesome!

    @ Dezmond

    Thanks Dez! I appreciate the support. You are a great friend and your blog is superb!

    Yes, Kubrick's perfectionist methods have lead to some amazing visuals. Richard captured some of that magic in this video.

  4. Thank you so much. :)

    I think you will get into Paths. It's an incredible story about soldiers who refuse to go on with a brutal, senseless attack and the consequences. A great piece about the arrogance of command and the spirit of the common soldier. Chilling and powerful.

  5. Yes I'm confident I will really like it too. It is regarded as the film that really established Kubrick as a major directing force. I also have to see The Killing, which he made before this film.

  6. It gives me great pleasure to follow your blog :)

    After all, your writing is nothing short of exceptional.

    All the best.

  7. Holy crap.

    That's all I feel I can contribute. This guy should create all Oscar memorial tributes, etc.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Laura, i agree with you !!! :)

    Richard Vezina

  9. I'm with you Laura. Richard did a phenomenal job and he'd be perfect for those Oscar tribute videos! If I had a bigger following, I'd sure as hell be his biggest endorser!