Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars 2011: Live-Blogging the Show

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      The crown jewel of the film world, the Oscars will begin in a matter of moments. This Award's show carries an infectious luster. In keeping with this spirit, I have decided to live-blog the event—my first ever foray into the live-blogging realm. 
      Without further ado, ready yourself for a continuous onslaught of everything Oscar, and jump right into my live-blogging of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

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      Well that's all folks. These last three hours were both exhausting and loads of fun. If I'm commissioned for my work, I'll sign on for a repeat next year (just kidding, I do this because of a voracious passion for film). 
      Next time around, I'll be more savvy about this live-blogging feature. Unfortunately, it was unearthed to me a mere half-hour before the show.  Thus, there were plenty of rookie mistakes. I apologize. You may have to sift through my amateur remarks. 
      Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts. Be sure to leave your comments or questions. I always enjoy feedback.


  1. I liked Franco and Hathway duo.
    King's speech? Really??!! Who cares if the royalty stutters?
    Sometimes I never understand Academy awards, when Michael Clayton won so many oscars I went and watched it with lot of expectation but couldnt make it to watch the full movie and I was sleeping all thro the end and same with Juno.:)

  2. Interesting commentary. Love that the Knicks beat the Heat. Bulls beat em the other night. I was probably the only one, but I was happy with Wolfman's win. I loved that movie as I do all things werewolf. Rick Baker is a tremendous artist and this was a brilliant moment. IMO anyway. I was also happy to see my NIN man win for score. Never thought I'd see him so cleaned up and respectable.

    For me, Anne and James bombed. Franco is definitely not hosting material. He had no chemistry with the audience and Anne looked like she was forever interpreting for him. She could've hosted solo.

    The show had its moments, but the Academy is still far too stodgy. You have to do the live blog thing next year. I'm sorry I missed the live part. I was on, but tweeting and didn't think to click over here until it was too late.

  3. yes, I agree with Melissa and most of the people around the net in unanimous verdict that Anne and Franco were just weird and awkward. Franco was lost and uninterested, while Anne had to sweat and toil with that little talent she has, and she can't always rely solely on her charms and cuteness.

  4. @ thinkingcap

    I think Anne Franco was a little stale and they're seemed to be a gaping lack of chemistry. But they did share some cute moments, mostly in the beginning.

    The King's Speech hijacked the major awards, which surprised me—I didn't think Fincher could lose Best Director.

    @ Melissa

    Thanks. There actually was a continuity issue with my live blog as I was doing it—I don't think it properly synced with my blog while, which sucked because I was hoping to get others on board. Like I said, it was a whimsical, last minute decision so there was zero planning. Next time I do one, I'll be sure to give advanced notice.

    Reznor and Ross made The Social Network interesting and were instrumental in making it more than just a movie about a bunch of rich kids toiling over trivial matters. I loved that score!

    I was kind of down on The Wolfman because I had a lot of negative reviews about that film. But I have never seen it, so I can't honestly critique. I value your opinion, so I'll have to check it out for myself at some point.

    Anne Franco did not work. I thought they would exude more infectious energy, but their chemistry was wholly nonexistent. Franco was lacking. The opening was bland. Hatheway showed some promise, but her act was growing tired. What we learned is there is only a handful of people who can effectively captain the Oscars—Billy Crystal and Steve Martin immediately come to mind.

    The Academy's choices were largely expected, although, I am still surprised by their assertive appraisal of The King's Speech. I thought it would win Best Picture, but lose out to Best Director (I realize this scenario is a little hypocritical, but this is how the Academy often works). Anyway, the show was mildly watchable. Nothing spectacular.

  5. @ Dezmond

    Anne Franco fell woefully flat. I didn't think either of them could really handle the magnitude of the award show because they don't really possess the larger than life quotient nor are they instinctively charming or funny enough. I was hopeful for Franco and Hatheway, but ultimately left disappointed.

  6. Harry Goaz,

    Thanks for the support! Much obliged.

    Have a fantastic week, yourself!

  7. damn shame I missed your live blogging matt I would of enjoyed it, I caught glimpses of the oscars on the net, I knew Kings Speech would do well, meets all the criteria, so predictable for me, highlight for me was seeing Bale get and award as I think that guy is so devoted to his roles.

  8. @ Dempsey

    Yeah, live-blogging is a very unique enterprise. I will definitely try it again for some other "major" event. It is an engaging format.

    Yes, The King's Speech is the typical Oscar fare. I enjoyed the film, but I still feel it was a level below the excellence of Inception and The Social Network.

    Bale is the man. I love his intensity. One rule of thumb: if Bale is in a movie, you know that movie is going to have one unforgettable character. You just have no idea what he's going to do, look like, or how he is going to act.