Friday, May 27, 2011

Film Meme

Fifteen Movie Questions Meme

      The movie blogosphere, an arena I'm proud to navigate, is full of unusual and unique ideas. Al Gore's Internet distinguishes these ideas based on causal traits: in this case, repetitive, transmittable musings that bloggers freely share. What I'm referring to, of course, are the nifty man-made creations known as memes. The latest one to capture my unbridled attention is called "Fifteen Movie Questions." It's the brainchild of Anna from Defiant Success. And after perusing my blogroll, it came to my attention. My fellow movie buff gal deserves the J-Kidd worthy assist. Rachel  (aka [film] girl, interrupted), a talented fireball of wit and reason, recently jumped on the meme bandwagon. And as bandwagons go—I'm talking squarely to fair-weather Miami Heat fans—others must climb aboard. Well, heeere's Johnny, and by Johnny, I mean Matty. This would be the point in time when Tony Soprano's shrink would advise me to tone down my obsessive film tendencies. But, like the brooding Mr. Soprano, I casually ignore her advice. For those of you who are keeping score: Film Obsession - 1 / Normal Behavior - 0. I kid, of course. Naturally, I'll leave such self-deprecating gimmicks to Kathy Griffin. There is nothing abnormal about loving movies. Griffin, on the other hand...well, I try to keep my blogspace PG.

1). Movie You Love With A Passion:

2). Movie You Vow Never To Watch:

3). Movie That Literally Left You Speechless:

4). Movie You Always Recommend:

5). Actor/Actress You Always Watch, No Matter How Crappy The Movie

 Edward Day-Lewis or Daniel Day-Norton

6). Actor/Actress You Don't Get The Appeal For:
I may have to repeal this one. She's bootiful. 
7). Actor/Actress, Living Or Dead, You'd Love To Meet:

8). Sexiest Actor/Actress You've Seen:

9). Your Dream Cast:

10). Your Favorite Actor/Actress Pairing:

11). Your Favorite Movie Setting:

Can you guess the place? 
12). Favorite Decade For Movies:

13). Chick Flick Or Action Movie:

14). Hero, Villain, Or Anti-Hero:

15). Black And White Or Color:

I apologize. This image deserves a disclaimer: may cause severe dizziness.


  1. Epic list! Definitely love that Edward Norton is on your will-watch-any-movie list. I have to agree. Daniel Day-Lewis too, but he's kinda a give-in. Love your African Queen shout out, and I WILL get to seeing Cool Hand Luke. One of these days.

  2. First things first - loved the first pic - it's hysterically funny! :) So glad you've mentioned Daniel Day-Lewis! He's nothing short of amazing. His performance in "There Will Be Blood" just blew me away, and remained one of my all time favorite male performances. Awesome post.

  3. Nice way to answer the questions. We actually have lots in common. ^_^

  4. we applaud you for your attitude towards TWILIGHT :)

  5. Wow thanks so much for the shout-out, Matt! You are too kind!

    I love that you included Ed Norton!! A seriously overlooked and underrated artist! Great list, friend!

    Oh, and I second that notion about Twilight. It's my F example in my rating system, BWAHAHAHA

  6. those are awesome! i'll consult you when my book becomes a movie (that was fun to say =)

  7. Very interesting list to say the least. My actor to watch no matter the film is Gary Oldman and I quite like Kate Beckinsale. Let's face it, both of them have been in some real stinkers...

    I love Bogart and Hepburn. I could watch them anytime. My favorite movie setting is Paris, though Venice is a close second.

    And LMAO, Twilight has to be one of the most craptacular movies ever created. Thank God I never had to pay to see that one. Unless you count the physical and mental torture.

  8. Twilight is actually a great comedy :) Wish we could see more of Ed Norton these days... Awesome meme answers!

  9. @ M.

    Thanks! Your standards for epic are high, so I'm quite flattered. I'm a happy moviegoer when Norton is a busy actor. He just brings such a dynamic force to his characters. Always interesting to watch. Day-Lewis is arguably the best actor working today, period. The African Queen is such a beautiful film and it really shines because of the infectious, genuine chemistry between Bogart and Hepburn; two absolute acting giants. All I can say: watch Cool Hand Luke immediately. It is brilliant. Paul Newman and George Kennedy are incredible.

  10. @ Nebular

    Thanks man! Daniel Day-Lewis' talents are immense. He is probably the most committed and dedicated actor. The only shame for huge movie fans like us; he doesn't appear in enough movies. A very Malick-like characteristic: the acting equivalent. His performance in There Will Be Blood is the most interesting and absorbing of the last 10 years. Amazing.

    @ Misha

    Interesting is good so thank you! Glad to hear we have some common sensibilities.

    @ Dezmond

    Haha! I would expect nothing less. It's complete bottom-dwelling gar-BAGE. But I'll never witness it first-hand.

  11. @ Rachel

    You're very welcome. I completely agree with your take on Norton. He never quite gets the acclaim he deserves. For one to truly value his skill, one must trace his entire career arc. He burst onto the scene with his performance in Primal Fear (beating out thousands of up-and-coming actors in the audition process) and then continually solidified his high talent in movies like American History X, Fight Club, 25th Hour, The Incredible Hulk, and so many others. Just a delight to the movie-making world. We both win for our treatment of Twilight. Love your ratings system for that reason alone.

    @ Tara

    Ha, that's awesome. Heck, that's epic! I'm touched and can't wait til that day comes. Speak those words loudly and proudly. Good luck, my friend!

  12. @ Melissa

    Thanks! I prefer interesting over good. I love Gary Oldman. He is such a talented, and in my opinion, under-appreciated actor. And he is just fantastically diverse. Sometimes, I can't even recognize him. But his voice is just so distinct and powerful. Beckinsale is beauty, brains, and bundles of talent. Love her. And yes, neither of them can claim pristine resumes, in terms of not being in clunkers. Bogart and Hepburn stand the test of time. They are Rushmore performers. Paris is sublime. And kudos for recognizing my setting choice. You're the only one to acknowledge it...and correctly. Well-done, my friend! Twilight pains my vernacular and my senses. It is criminally bad.

    @ Castor

    Haha! If you approach it from that angle, perhaps it could be unintentionally hilarious. Good argument. And Norton's appeal, we can agree, stems from his forceful, but quiet intensity, his raw intelligence and curiosity, and his almost-infinite range. Every movie he's in is a movie I'm in...even if it were the aforementioned unintentional comedy known as Twilight.

  13. Loved the meme idea and the answers...fell in love with Daniel D-L the moment I watched My Left Foot...strangely I prefer British, French and Italian actors(m/f) when it comes to serious/character roles. No particular choices when it comes to women...was positive it was Venice though, could have been Amsterdam/Bruges, Belgium too.
    The first Twilight wasn't that bad(since its was free DVD) but then I am the kind of person who can watch Juno first and Schindler's List immediately afterwards and manage to like both. :)

  14. Awww, thank you so much! Glad you found some value in my choices.

    Aha, Lewis' My Left Foot performance is the stuff of Hollywood legend.It was an incredible, dazzling, and masterful display. Every aspiring actor should consult that film, his performance specifically, before plotting their career paths.

    I, too, love actors hailing from Italy, France, and Great Britain. But with so many great, wonderful actors out there—whom I most assuredly neglected to name—I had to cull pretty aggressively. It was a difficult task, and inevitably, incomplete. I'm continually blown away by numerous performers.

    Amsterdam/Bruges/Belgium would be terrific settings. Can't argue here.

    And hey, my sister LOVES Twilight. I realize there's a huge audience for it. I'm just staunchly against it despite it's potent box office appeal, which infuriates me. Too many far superior films don't even scratch the surface of financial success that Twilight recklessly flaunts. But this is the world of movies. Ultimately, I'm cool with it.

  15. This is a fantastic list! I'd put a couple of different things in here and there, but I cannot dispute any of your choices! I may jump in and do this one for a Sunday post soon... you know it's going to get B-riffic when I take the reins...thanks for the post, Matty!

  16. Thanks Craig! Please do one on Sunday. I'd love to check out your "B-riffic" selections, lol. I admire your taste and analysis, so I'm sure you’re underselling yourself.