Monday, May 30, 2011

FilmMattic Reflections

Memorial Day Magic

      First off, I'd like to send my sincerest blessings to all of our U.S. Service Members. I have two older brothers in the military and many close friends in the Marine Corps. I have only a faint idea of their commitment and sacrifice to our greater good, our freedom, our security, but I thank each and every one of them for their brave service. 
      Memorial Day is also a day of remembrance for our Fallen Heroes. I would like to express my deepest condolences to the men, women, and families responsible for the preservation of our great Union. Thank you all so very much :)
      On this day of reflection, decoration and celebration, I've decided to explore my creative juices with a little more freedom. I've spent the past 30 minutes playing around with Photoshop. I may be naive and oblivious to the fundamental or even more technically robust elements of the graphics editing program, but I managed to create, what I consider to be, a pretty serviceable FilmMattic Poster. Peep it below and let me know what you guys and gals think about it?

      Finally, I recently purchased some video editing software. For those of you who are curious, it's called CyberLink PowerDirector 9. It's an intuitive program with some nifty features; for an in-depth review. check out this link. In my free time, I plan on using the software more vigorously. But, for now, I present to you all, my very first montage; in fact, it's my very first YouTube upload. If you guys/gals have ten minutes to spare, please let me know what y'all think? Thanks!
      I can't extract the embed code (due to a copyright claim for some of the music I used). I know it's ironic because I MADE the video. But I'll take that tradeoff any day of the week. The audio content owners (Armada Music and Ultra Records) did not expunge the video. That's Winning!

Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. Great Memorial Day remembrance! Nicely done! And I like the poster, Matty! One quibble - I was hoping more Casino Royale than Battle Royale...the video is nicely put together, but maybe a tad long (keeping it real across the aisle, right?) I'm interested in what else you will do, though, so keep at it! Cheers!

  2. Dude, epic poster! Keep it, it's hilarious and brilliant. Also, I love the youtube video! Made me want to watch Trainspotting again. Ewan McGregor KILLS in that movie.

  3. Great poster! Is that John Cusack from Say Anything? I love that movie and his performance in it is one of my favorites. I went to your vid and left a comment. I'm aeromel36 on YouTube. Keep the vids coming, for your first attempt it was great fun and made me want to see all those movies again.

    Outstanding tribute to our vets. My dad and uncle were in Vietnam, both Navy, my brother was in the Marine Corps and in Somalia while my cousin just left the Army after 20 years. He fought in Iraq both times, two years on the first and three on the second. I have friends still in and keep a special prayer for them so I will add your brothers and friends. Shoot me an email with their names.

  4. Matty, , great Memorial Day tribute! Really well-done.

    The poster is awesome! :) I could never do something like that.. My Photoshop skills are pretty poor. LOL. :)

    The video editing software must me great, as you've done a really great job with the montage. Very entertaining!

  5. Begbie is still one scary dude. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with using this software.

    Moody Writing

  6. @ Craig

    Thanks man! Haha, sorry for the lack of Bondsian films. There's a generic assortment of movies in the image, but I don't own many of those DVD's. Do not be discouraged, my friend, lol.

    I'm glad you liked my video. And I agree. It was a little long. Admittedly, I got a bit carried away. Next time, I'll aim for visual brevity.

    @ M.

    Thanks for the superior endorsement. I wasn't sure how it would be received. And yes, we can all use a little more Trainspotting in our life; in terms of watching it, of course. McGregor was furiously BADASS in it!

  7. @ Melissa

    Thank you so much! And yes, that is the legendary image/poster from Say Anything. Amazing film by Crowe and amazing performance by Cusack.

    Thanks for the comment and love for my YouTube video. I'll be working on more videos in the future, so be on the lookout. I'll keep everyone aware of any new efforts!

    Thanks. The tribute was vitally necessary. I love the sacrifice from our military. They deserve all the attention they can get. Awesome contributions from your family. You hail from one badass family! They've earned my utmost respect. And I'll definitely shoot you an email with my brothers names. They'll be extremely grateful. I personally thank you on their behalf.

  8. @ Nebular

    Thanks homie! I'm sure you can dabble pretty successfully in Photoshop. It's still very new technology to me. If you dig my work. I'm sure, with a little practice, you'll produce some Marvelous-worthy images yourself. And thanks for the video love. They'll be more to come!

    @ mooderino

    Ha, Mr. Begbie is one intimidating dude I'd never want to cross. Renton's a brave mofo for doing what he did. I'll definitely hone my unrefined skills and work on more video editing projects in the future. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

  9. Happy Memorial Day to you too my friend! And what a nice picture there :)
    Cyberlink power director sounds like a very useful software. I like to check the review.

  10. Thanks Jaccs. You too buddy! Ha, I'm glad you dig the picture. Photoshop is a very robust program and I'm having some fun with it. And do check out Cyberlink. The learning curve is not too steep, very forgiving in fact. And the interface is terrific.