Friday, January 17, 2014

Top 10 Movies of 2013

Auteur-ior Motives

Editorial note: I wanted to put this list together sooner, so as not to compromise its already dwindling relevance -- but a few important films remained unseen and I felt that their exclusion would render my own personal recollections of the past year incomplete.

      It was for me a milestone year in cinema. Perhaps more than any previous year, I devoted significant time to the art form. Buoyed by intense curiosity and passion, I've undergone what I believe is my own loosely attentive film school. In my quest to achieve wider cinematic erudition, there was really no limit to what I could do: Studying filmmakers obsessively, seeking out any literature I could get my hands on, attempting to quantify the quintessence of filmmaking, in the hopes of reducing it to a concept that I could more sufficiently understand; I mean who does this stuff? 
      But all of this deep stimulation is secondary to the real reason you've come here—which is to find out what movies made my list of favorites. Because I lack the necessary skills to moderate my passion effectively, I've elected to categorize all the movies I've seen from this past year. What follows then is a glimpse into the soul of a movie junkie.