Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Person of the Week

Call in the Cavalry

      The SAG awards may have aired this past Sunday, but the award show has no bearing on my "Person of the Week" segment. After all, the SAG awards were far too predictable and the almighty Oscars are just around the corner. Instead, a more curious development materialized. This development consists of an iconic film character and an actor who, if given a second career path, would join the army. The character I am referring to is the hero who dons the immortal "S" shield, Superman, while the actor I am referencing is none other than British Actor, Henry Cavill. Once known as the "most unlucky man in Hollywood," Cavill will inherit the legendary comic book superhero personage. Consequently, he will also inherit my "Person of the Week" title.
      Henry Cavill first caught my eye with his youthful and courageous character in The Count of Monte Cristo. Numerous non-career making roles would follow. Once on the short-list to play Bond, as well as an earlier rendition of the Caped Crusader in Superman Returns, Cavill has been an untimely victim of many unwarranted setbacks. Strongly considered for the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Series, he was cast aside because of his age. He even missed out on the Harry Potter hoopla. The common bond uniting these unlucky breaks—you guessed it, Robert Pattinson. Pattinson has been the fortuitous beneficiary of some of Cavill's many undeserved follies. No longer will Henry Cavill's next career-making role be usurped by the handsome English actor. Superman is his super-ticket to super-stardom.
       The owner of an impressive physique, a swath of charm, and a theatrical upbringing, Cavill's acting life has been mostly spent on Television. Since 2007, he has played the role of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk on the Showtime series, The Tudors. His work on the show has been nothing short of fantastic—so fantastic that it serves as a perfect demonstration of his burgeoning and versatile acting chops, as well as, a splendid audition for his candidacy as Superman. 
      Some critics may question the legitimacy of a non-American actor in the role of Superman. Lest we forget, Christian Bale's run as the Dark Knight helped solidify Batman as the most commercially successful and critically viable superhero film franchise going today. Even Tobey Maguire's stint as Peter Parker illustrated that superheroes require depth and intricate character work; clear attributes in Cavill's acting arsenal. I suspect that once the American moviegoer witnesses a fully-absorbed Cavill performance, in such a prominent, Americanized superhero role, his fanbase will grow exponentially. The volume of roles headed his way will also increase substantially. Consequently, the passionate fandom of Cavill will at last, rejoice in their long awaited opportunity to witness their beloved star hone his craft in a significant blockbuster role.

*If you are unfamiliar with Henry Cavill's work, check out this youtube video where he discusses his work on The Tudors.


  1. ah, if you ask me, Henry isn't the man of the week, but the men of my life :)

  2. Henry is super-talented and will definitely bring a much-needed edge to Superman. Brandon Routh played him too straight and close to Chris Reeves' interpretation.

    He is a far superior actor to Robert Pattinson and his talent would have been lost on the Twilight crowd. He'd have been typecast or left to take subpar roles like Pattinson is now.

  3. @ Dezmond

    Haha. Your answer does not surprise me. The guy is the fancy of many.

    @ Melissa Bradley

    Indeed he is. I agree with the "edge" factor. I think superhero characters exude a certain multi-dimensionality characteristic. This sort of depth requires a true talent.

    And yes, he easily trumps Pattinson. I am happy he finally gets his well-deserved break with this role. Twilight could not possibly showcase his far reaching talents.

  4. superman will most likely be his breakout role/s.

  5. Yeah I agree. It is his first chance to really appeal to a large audience.

  6. In Hellbound: Hellraiser, Midsomer Murders: the Green Man, and some of the Tudor episodes he shows his ability to do a comedic edge which I think Superman needs. He is also incredibly expressive emotionally which I think is needed too. He looks the part amazingly well. Henry Cavill = Superman!

  7. deb,

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I certainly agree with you here. He possess the depth of character, in addition to that all-important emotive quality necessary for the dual personality of Superman/Clark Kent. A comedic edge would definitely be a welcome touch. Perhaps, all he needs to do is bulk up some for the role.

  8. all ages can see this film,i like it

  9. Haha yup Shadi. This film will not ruffle anyone's feathers on the MPAA ratings board.