Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brown and Yellow (Sadly, Bobby was forced to remove his video from YouTube)

Not Your Regular UPS Guy

      Our obsessive Internet and wireless gadgetry-crazed society has fostered an overwrought—but on occasion, uniquely clever—creativity boom. YouTube is the indisputable champ of this trend. Men, women, and children among us, all hope that their ingeniously planned video exploits will lead to the next viral youtube sensation. As we are too keen to realize, such hopeful promises are often bled out of delusional hysteria. There are far too many unseen, unoriginal, uninspiring renditions, spoofs, parodies, etc., circulating online. 
      In fact, in my own provocative partying days, I whimsically contributed to this craze. I too, have my own poorly conceived video on YouTube, collecting dust in cyberspace. And you will not be able to find it. Since I know such a souring thought will roil your curiosity, I have done the unthinkable, and posted it below. It is okay. I can take cheesy criticism when it is rightfully deserved. More importantly, I am willing to field any ridicule for the sake of homing in on a point. My video represents a disjointed, poorly thought-out premise while my buddy's video is an example of the good that can come from YouTube (my video is 2 and 1/2 years old).

* (UPDATE: 2/8/11) Video removed...:(

      This enormously hyper-sensitive proclivity towards video creation has furnished some thoughtfully comedic, and worthy incarnations. Case in point, my good friend Ricky Bobby (his real name is Bobby Hoyt), recently threw his arsenal of creative spirit into the YouTube ring. And thankfully, ladies and gentlemen, we are not regrettably subjected to another illconceived, putrid production. Instead, we are gluttonous witnesses to a laugh-riot-inducing parody of Wiz Khalifa's interminable song, "Black and Yellow." I guess this post is fitting, given the Super Bowl is tomorrow, and Khalifa is repping the 'terrible towel' wielding Pittsburgh Steelers in his video.
      Bobby's video is called "brown and yellow," and essentially, it is a parody based snapshot of life as a UPS driver—the guy drives UPS trucks for a living, thus, his ideas are born from actual experiences.  
      All that I am asking from my blogging community is for you to extend a few minutes of your time, and watch this fantastically wacky, well-constructed spoof. Show some support to Bobby, after all, he is a proud veteran of our United States Marine Corps. And Ricky Bobby, "you know what it is"—to quote your lyrics, "that's uppin." Nicely done, my man. 

* (UPDATE: 2/8/11) Insert sad face: Sadly, Bobby was forced to take his video off YouTube. Insert happy face: Happily, he has a new one coming out in March! If it's as good as his first foray, I'll write a blurb about it here on my blog.

*If you found his video as funny as I did, then show him some support by checking him out @ YouTube and voting for it @ Coedmagazine.


  1. ah, that video was just too much hotness for my poor eyes and the fan in your kitchen wasn't working :)
    I reckon that bald hulkster drank the most booze before the shooting :)

  2. Both of the videos are awesome haha! :) And to be honest, it is quite annoying all those viral videos and stuff. You wouldn't believe it but I hardly ever go on youtube, not to big of a fan of it :/

  3. OK, your vid was hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons, my friend. I applaud you for being brave and owning up to it. I will never look at spray cans the same. ;)

    Bobby has quite the talent. I found myself laughing for all the right reasons. Great concept and he spoofed Wiz very well.

  4. @ Dezmond

    Call me presumptuous, but I had a feeling you were going to enjoy it. My "hulkster" friend Vinny definitely added to the ridiculous nature of that video.

    @ Doo

    Haha thanks. And yes, YouTube is oversaturated with these kinds of videos. That was the point I was trying to make by including my own silly production. But there is some genuinely good stuff out there too. Bobby's parody is evidence of this fact.

    @ Melissa

    Haha I'm glad you made that observation. That was precisely what I was going for. I'm willing to take flack, in order to make a point. And that spray can bit was completely improvised.

    Yes. In real life, Bobby is a really funny guy. His video is a testament to his comedic nature. I will let him know you dig it, and I know he loves the support.

  5. got to agree with Dez here actually. Your vid is hilrious and I would imagine you got a lot of girl fans ha ha. I want the name of your personal trainer as Ive been trying for a bod like that for years lol! ANYWAYS, I'm one of these guys that love seeing this stuff on youtube, its fun, and like seeing how creative people can be. I have done one that I really aint proud of (drunk and in drag!) so I applaud you for being brave enough to post it as I am a wimp when it comes to showing off mine ha ha

  6. what? Dempsey has a video in drag??? Oh,Lord, please don't let us see that one :))))

  7. @ Dempsey

    Lol thanks. I never use a personal trainer. Just workout 4x per wk, watch my diet, consume high protein foods (plus two protein shakes on workout days before and after), and eat complex carbs.

    Some of the funniest videos I have ever seen came from YouTube. There are some gems among much of the drudge.

    And Dezmond. I second you. That video is probably hilarious, though Dempsey, I understand your skepticism. Some things are better left unseen, lol.

  8. Bobby has quite the talent. I found myself laughing for all the right reasons. Great concept and he spoofed Wiz very well.

  9. lol oh truts me matt and dez, certainly should never be seen ha ha, maybe a great halloween post