Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inception's Oscar Fate

Warner Bros Spearheads a Majestic Cause

      In a fantastic and transparent effort to influence the Academy, Warner Bros. has produced a mesmerizing 5-minute featurette of Christopher Nolan's Inception. Rarely do I highlight the work of a major studio. On this occasion though, I applaud Warner Bros. Any institution that staunchly champions the cause of Nolan is a worthy institution in my book. Well-done, WB.  
      For all the fervent Nolan fanboys, I suggest you watch this video. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at his beloved film. This feature supply's some provocative insights from Christopher Nolan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Michael Caine, Producer Emma Thomas, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Additionally, there's a visual dispersal of praiseworthy quotes, including an articulate snippet from famous film critic, Christy Lemire's Inception review: "A flawless symphony of images and ideas." The written praises from Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, and a host of other reputable film critics also factor into the video.
      The visually robust oeuvre of Nolan is on full display in this video, as Warner Bros., underscores many of the most iconic big set pieces from the film including: the visual awe of Paris folding over on top of itself, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's stunning anti-gravity sequence through the hotel corridor, the mystifying cafe explosion scene with Di Caprio and Page, the various "kick-back" sequences, which are a marvel of film editing, and the brilliant closing shot.
      The residual stain of The Dark Knight's Oscar snubbing still remains. In order to rectify this criminal omission, Christopher Nolan has to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Director. Sadly, he did not. Often times, big budget summer blockbuster films, particularly those of the science fiction ilk (think Star Wars, Episode V: Empire Strikes Back, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day), do not fare exceedingly well at the Academy Awards. Consequently, I must temper any tirade, for Inception has received a host of non-Academy Accolades, in addition to eight Oscar nominations: Best picture, screenplay, cinematography, art design, music, sound editing, sound mixing, and visual effects. Each of these nominations are vastly well-deserving, and perhaps, they signal a slight change of ancient, long-held, old-fashioned tenets. Furthermore, these eight nominations reflect an augmenting and modern appraisal, from the Academy, for Nolan's visionary blueprint. 
      In an ideal world, Oscar night would represent a coronation for Christopher Nolan, as he receives his first Best Director Award. Because of his heinous exclusion from this category, this cannot happen. Instead, Nolan's buoyant constituency can hope that Inception marvelously sweeps the above eight categories. It would represent a moment of sweet justice—specifically, the kind of justice we expect to see when The Dark Knight Rises reaches the big screen. Perhaps, Nolan's final Batman installment will represent his first directorial Oscar win. 

*There is a reason Inception is my number two favorite film of 2010.

*Source: Slashfilm 


  1. I personally can't wait for the day when Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy would get an Oscar. Such amazing actors, Cillian especially. Too bad they they play in too many dark movies in recent times.

  2. I do appreciate your love for a certain kind of story. I think the Capraesque style of filmmaking—goodness of human nature—is a beautiful film vehicle. But of course, I also enjoy films that delve into darker motifs because they tend to be compelling, thought-provoking examinations.

    I think both Murphy and Hardy's accolades will soon come. Their talent is immense and they have such a long career ahead. Their Oscar glory is only a matter of time.

  3. I have to agree with you! Shame he didn't get the nomination. Such an amazing and inventive movie :)

    However I think mostly all films that got a nomination were well deserved.

    Will watch the video in a min :)


  4. Nolan has quickly become one of my favorite directors. The way he tells a story is phenomenal. What I loved about Inception was its majesty and scope, taking us to this vast,fantastical dreamscape and into such a complex, original tale. And I love that Nolan used actual sets instead of relying solely on CGI. CGI is great, but it should enhance, not replace certain aspects of film production.

    I especially adored the complexity of the tale. You had to be alert and thinking as you watched. I'll turn my brain off with no question sometimes, but I love when I sit on the edge of my seat, absorbed and trying to figure out what's going on and yet in awe of the spectacle before me. I would love to see it win.

  5. @ Doo

    You're welcome. You'll really like the video. It does a great job at illustrating why Nolan deserves enormous praise.

    @ Melissa

    Awesome. You already know he's one of my favorites!

    Exactly. Nolan is a master craftsmen at imbuing complex narratives with technically resonant visuals and provocative questions. He provides enough exposition to carry us through the film, but then brings us along this immense journey, where a number of questions still linger, and the answers are nebulous. It's a very Kubrickian trait in terms of scale and broad philosophical interpretations.

    Let's hope it sweeps on Awards Night!

  6. I really wanted Inception to win awards but socialnetwork won.
    This is one great movie.I loved it.

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  7. I checked out your review. It was well-done!

    Let's hope Inception cleans up @ the Oscars!

  8. thanks for your comments.Waiting with fingers crossed for oscars awards:)

  9. Loved the featurette, have also shared it with some friends. Take it as my contribution towards their campaigning for the Oscars. Aha!

    Great share Matty ;)

  10. Thanks J-Son!

    If we could only convince the Academy to heed our calls, then maybe we can trail a path for Inception's victories. Hopeful thinking.

  11. i never get bored watching this film. MUST SEEE !! Best performance from dcaprio

  12. Nor do I David., it's always entertaining.

    DiCaprio gives one of the classic "don't take your eyes off the screen because your going to miss something awesome" kind of performances.

    Thanks for the comment!