Monday, February 28, 2011

Inception Parody

     Too Much Coffee

      For all those diehard Inception fans mourning last night's Best Picture outcome, Rooster Teeth Productions, an extraordinarily popular production group headquartered in Austin, Texas, has released a hilarious Inception/Family Guy satirical video. Specifically, this parody serves as a fantastically funny tribute of Christopher Nolan's masterpiece. Hopefully, it will help cure us all from our dissatisfied Oscar lull.  
      I want to take a moment to provide a rather brief backstory concerning the brains behind the Rooster Teeth Short gang and their vast YouTube fame. They're a production group that specializes in the creation of live action shorts. The group, mostly comprised of college buddies, shot to Internet fame with their humorous collection of Halo spoof videos, entitled Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Rooster Teeth Shorts is their sketch comedy series that parodies, among other things, office life. The series features the staff of Rooster Teeth, who all play caricatures of themselves. 
      This parody is fraught with tawdry sex jokes, a bank robbery, a disastrous smoking incident inside a limited oxygen international space station, overt Family Guy references, and above all, clever allusions to Inception. It is Town meets Inception meets Family Guy; a story within a story—driven by the negligible realities of memory-induced dreaming, originating from the characters of Family Guy. Enjoy!


  1. Is this nerd version of Inception parody?
    I liked the academy awards parody by james Franco, Baldwin, Morgan Freewin better .
    Brown Duck, Hathaway winking at King,

  2. Lol, not the first parody of Inception I have seen but one of the funniest. I've missed your posts since I have been away they always make me laugh

  3. @ thinkingcap

    I didn't think it was too nerdy. I just think it was trying to capture the intricate dream narrative of Inception—hard to pull off.

    The brown duck routine was lame, but the rest of the opening Anne Franco video was great. I liked their Inception and Fighter parodies.

    @ Dempsey

    Thanks. I love myself a good parody. Glad to have you back!

  4. I love this, especially the way it segues into Family Guy. "Holy Crap, I just went down a level." LOL Parodying Inception is a huge task and I think they pulled it off.

    Yeah, it was a lame Brown Duck. I was almost expecting a midnight pardon of Lindsey Lohan during that session. ;)

  5. @ Melissa

    I think so too. Inception is no easy movie to mimic. It's complexity makes it such. But these guys did a competent job.

    Lol! Yeah that whole Black Swan parody was corny. I've seen much better parodies of the movie including the one from the Jackass guys.

  6. The Osacars suck. Seriously, they suck. I think THE KING'S SPEECH was the most bland choice out of all 10 noms. Trust the Academy to go for it.

  7. Nice work, makes me want to watch inception!

  8. @ Movies on my Mind

    Yes. Too often the Academy Awards appeal to redundant incarnations—what worked once will work again.

    There are far too many Oscar friendly buzzwords that will grant you success in the Academy's voting. For instance, a story about a person with a mental condition who overcomes insurmountable odds will always shine brightly on Oscar Sunday. This predictable mindset is what frustrates me the most about the Academy. For a diverse group of upwards of 5000 people, they certainly do not show any diversity in thought-process.

    @ baxxman

    Thanks. I'm returning the favor!