Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie Trailer Parody

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry...Birds!

      The boys at Rooster Teeth Productions, a diverse consortium of comedic talent, put together another video. The video is a dually motivated trailer for the extraordinarily popular mobile video game, Angry Birds. While trying to maintain the consistently hilarious parodying qualities of past Rooster Teeth Shorts, the video is intended as a live-action feature film directed (but not actually) by the Wesleyan Graduate behind the immensely successful Transformers, Michael-Keep-Him-At-Bay (this may be the only time I am this kind when referencing Bay; keep reading to see if I hold true to this claim). Well regrettably, the guys at Rooster Teeth disappoint, as both of these key elements (overtures of Bay's direction or a hint of hilarity) are conspicuously lacking.
       In an effort to thwart my seeming knack for rewarding excellence, I will take a brief digression, and underscore mediocrity. Aha, but why? Why would I ever possibly want to shine the colossal spotlight on incompetent work? The answer, quite rhetorically, is a resounding...To Prove The Point That Creativity Is Not An Easily Executable Endeavor. Moreover, it shall be stated that even popular and professional online video collaborators are capable of producing tawdry, ineffectual content. 

 *Yes, I'm no curmudgeon, but I'm pointing the finger at you Rooster Teeth, grrrrr.

      I want to quickly dispel any potential accusation that I may harbor a vendetta against Rooster Teeth because I think they are quite competent. In fact, my last spotlight of their work came in the form of an Inception Parody, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and effusively praised. While many of their parodies have been divisive in terms of appeal, I've nonetheless defended their comedic credence. Personally, I find much of their work to be both amusing and creatively conceived. 
      While their latest exploit lacks any substantive laugh-out-loud quality, it is still a marginally competent effort. After all, I am sure they exhausted numerous hours piecing together this spoof. Despite a sneering lack of hilarity, their video still exudes a practical cohesion. It certainly fits in the mold of a believable trailer. Well, that will be the end of my praise for Disputer Belief (rhymes with Rooster Teeth). 
      The problem, quite frankly, the really big problem with their parody, is the lack of integrity to it's premise. It may fit within the confines of a trailer, but by no means, does it fit within the confines of a Michael Bay trailer—and isn't this the damn point? 
      This video is intended as a "Michael Bay" style production; however, this pretense is terribly ignored. After watching the trailer, not once did I imagine Michael Bay—the man who erroneously enumerates hundred million dollar budgets, and the Godfather of ADHD-rendered special effects and fast edits (aha, you really didn't think I was going to remain faithful to my claim)—would have approved of this cut. If Michael Bay deems your work enormously unworthy, then it is must be enormously unworthy. The glutton of high-budget action known as Michael Bay, perhaps, just this one time, has earned my praise (aha, I'm back). He would have done a helluva more efficient job of being excessively inefficient (no, I'm not).

*Now this is the Michael Bay we all know and deride.

      I implore any reader of my blog to enlighten me. Where are all the trademark Michael Bay-isms? For one, there is a flagrant lack of absurdly excessive CGI, there are zero elaborately orchestrated World War III level explosions, and even worse, where are the sporadic, ill-conceived camera pirouettes? Furthermore, the Rooster Teeth guys fail to take lessons from Zach Snyder because there are no scantily clad chicks in provocative digs? And better yet, there is not one infamously quotable Arnold Schwarzenegger-style one-liner. I'm completely incensed at this overt lack of derivative Bay gimmickry. Try better guys. Next time, let's make Bay proud. 
      Without further ado, proceed with caution, and not because of any excessively disastrous Michael Bay explosion. Merely and quite contrary (a purposeful rhyme), the lack of any calamitous danger is what frightens me.

 *The Rooster Teeth Angry Birds Trailer. I did Facebook like the end quote when they awkwardly reference the film's title.


  1. No wonder I've always been afraid of birds. Evil hides behind the feathers :) (little duckies are not included in my statement)

  2. What i thought would be a crappy game turned out to be the best game on iphone. Angry Birds is so awesome! :)

  3. Okay, this had nothing recognizably Bay. Where was the Shia the Beef actor twitching and yelling as Shia always does in every film? Where was the scantily clad vampette who is really a totally misunderstood car/gun expert..."I don't know why no one take me seriously," she pouts while leaning for the boob shot and running a hand down her exposed toned stomach. Where were the people miraculously outrunning explosions real folks would be killed by? Where was the cheesy, over-the-top, cliche-ridden romance?

    Did not find this one funny and Michael Bay, while I enjoy a mindless flick every now and again, has made one too many. His Pearl Harbor was the worst interpretation of that event ever put to film. I have never seen Beckinsale, Hartnett and Affleck look so bad and act so dumb.

  4. @ Dezmond

    Haha Dezz! If you've seen Hitchcock's The Birds, you'd be even more scored of 'em.

    @ Jaccstev

    It's pretty sick, though I never went beyond the trial period with it. I could see how it can be addictive.

  5. @ Melissa

    Lol Mel, all great points. And sadly, the trailer did not feature any of these atrocious Bay gimmicks.

    And you're pretty much on the money about Pearl Harbor. The film could have been an epic (right alongside Saving Private Ryan), but it was completely underwhelming. And the cast was woefully misrepresented.