Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Poster Contest

Good Matt Hunting for a Creative Concept

*Robin Williams has a big head...not as big as mine!

      TheMovie411 (run by Dempsey Sanders, male model extraordinaire), in association with 1Minime & 1Paintme, is running a fantastic Movie Poster Contest. The details of the contest can be found @ TheMovie411. Essentially, the purpose of the contest is for you to create a Movie Poster featuring your mug shot. It does not have to be an original poster (i.e. you can use an existing one), you just have to incorporate your own artistic spin. For all you creatively minded thinkers, this competition will be a perfect vehicle to highlight your fancy graphic skills.

      Admittedly, I was a bit reluctant to enter the contest because I have virtually zero experience with PhotoShop or graphic design. But I found an informative YouTube video that illustrates how to insert your face onto a Poster, and so I quickly ascertained, I can do this. And I love movies too much to say no.
      I'm no professional, but I gave it the ol' college try. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone who follows my blog that I decided to use the poster from Good Will Hunting. Aside from impacting my love for film and writing, it also remains one of my favorite films.
      I encourage everyone to participate in the contest. I'm proof that you do not need even a basic grasp of PhotoShop to make something uniquely passable. I mean, isn't this why Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet, invented Google and YouTube? If you don't have the faintest clue on poster design, just perform a Google search or ferret out a YouTube video. Heck, I learned how to ski from watching a YouTube video!
      There will be prizes for the Top 3 Finishers (check out TheMovie411 for full details). All entrants must be a follower of TheMovie411, which I encourage anyway because The Dude aka Dempsey is too cool. You must submit your posters to (for full details of message, see Dempsey's site). The contest concludes on April 26th, 2011. Winners will be announced the following week.

*I watched this guy's video to learn how to make my Poster.



  1. This is awesome, Matt! And such great support for Dempsey. You rule!

    Your head's not that big. :) I'll bet my giant spheroid head probably looms larger than yours. LOL

  2. Thanks Mel. I must admit, I'm not terribly certain how my PhotoShop skills would be received. Glad you liked it!

  3. The poster you've made is just hilarious, as is the comment below. Loved it!
    Sadly, I'm not good at photoshop at all, so I'll skip this otherwise wonderful contest. Dempsey always comes up with some great ideas. Guys, you both rock :)

  4. That is a pretty awesome contest!! I will have to check it out. I must say you did a pretty good job. Photoshop isn't the easiest thing to learn especially since it constantly evolves. It looks really clean, good job! : )

  5. @ Nebular

    Thanks! I hear ya. PhotoShop ain't my bag of tea either, but I just went with it.

    @ Nicole

    The contest is cool and I encourage you to get in on it. And thanks for the praise. I learned PhotoShop is a pretty finicky program and it can be tricky.

  6. he he ... it's a great one, although I would like to see you in a superhero costume ;)

  7. Ha, I might have to give my amateur PhotoShop skills another go. Wolverine was always my favorite comic book character.

  8. Thanks for such a cool mention, and only apologise its took me this long to read and comment on it, I loved your poster and know it will do well in the contest Matty.

    You have become someone who's writing I admire, your a great critic and a top bloke, and always look forward to your posts

  9. No problem. Thanks for returning the favor!

    And thanks. I try my best! You're a damn good critic and movie extraordinaire yourself!

  10. Good job. It's really amazing and I will check it out now.