Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Birth of FilmMattic
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      For all my blogging friends, I just want to alert you to my domain change. It is no longer http://www.filmmatty.blogspot.com. My new domain is: 

      I please urge all of you that follow my blog to update your links. All you have to do is eliminate the "blogspot" piece.
      This is merely just a cosmetic change, though I am also excited by the prospect of increased site control. I am still going to provide the same content.

Thanks a bunch!!

P.S. I am going to watch Limitless later today, so expect a review very soon!


  1. First of all, congrats on the new domain. "filmmattic" sounds great, plus you've rid off the 'blogspot' thing, which is kinda cool.

    Hey dude, your photos are awesome! And WOW, what a body? Are you an athlete or something? :)

    I'm looking forward to you "Limitless" review. I expect it to be as fantastic as usual ;)

  2. Congrats on the big move, how exciting for you. I really like the pics, especially the black suit. Very handsome.

  3. @ Nebular

    Thanks buddy! It's easier for people to find my site minus the blogspot piece.

    Ha. I workout routinely and have pretty good genetics, but in terms of athletic, all I did in HS was track and tennis. Though, I wish I was about a foot taller so I could play pro basketball!

    @ Melissa

    Thanks Mel! It was time for the change, and I'm excited!

  4. love the pics as always, Matty ;) And congrats on the new domain name!

  5. Thanks Dez! Appreciate the continued support. You're a great blogger friend!

  6. Well, you are a cutie!! Lovely pics! Congratulations on your new domain!!

  7. But not as cute as your pic :)

    And thanks!