Friday, December 3, 2010

A Seed of Potential

      As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in the film business. The opportunity to broadcast my thoughts to a public audience, keen on insightful commentary, is an undertaking I have yet to explore. 
      Thus, my rationale for creating this blog is to gain entrance into the film community—a community fraught with smart, diverse minds. Such accessibility, I hope, will engender meaningful debates and consequently, an opportunity to cultivate my knowledge of cinema.
      As an aspiring actor/writer, I am yearning for the chance to subject my work to substantive criticism. One of the foreseeable ways by which I can hone my craft as a filmmaker is to connect with individuals of diverse sensibilities. This will allow for my work to undergo an honest critique. 
      Additionally, this blog will possess fundamentally intellectual qualities; specifically, serving as a venue to host various film debates.  As an avid moviegoer, I am eagerly looking forward to the chance to not only share my thoughts with other film aficionados, but to partake in entertaining debates.
      I am sure you can all easily discern where my film loyalties lie.  The blatant Goodfellas reference at the top serves as the inaugural declaration of my film sensibilities. Scorsese, Scorsese, Scorsese! I place Marty—perhaps it's sacrosanct to refer to him so casually without having met the guy—on a plateau akin to the Mount Rushmore of artists, a Mecca reserved only for the prodigious auteur's of cinema. 
      The reasons, as I will divulge in one of my follow-up blog posts, are thoroughly robust. And feel free to refute. After all, this blog is meant to elicit engaging discussions, which require a spirited back and forth. But for now, I will provide thoughts on the genesis of this blog.  
      Given the current dearth of my audience, this blog represents the very infant step in my ambitions to achieve some scintilla of spotlight in the vast film community.  In fact, other than my film connoisseur roommate Mike, zilch is a more apt descriptor of my audience. 
      Consequently, I am focusing my writing on broader topics.  Such an approach will allow non-native readers of my work to gleam insights into the machinations of my film-torn mind. I look at it this way—the more diverse my topics, the more controversial.  Thus enter debate stage right. 
      My discussions will not only encompass film critiques, but they'll also cover extraneous film making ideas, incorporate best/worst of lists, and myriad other engaging topics. All of these virgin efforts necessitate an objective I've long held. 
      In a hasty effort to not sound too righteous, my objective is to, one day, express an opinion, deliver a performance, wield a production or perform an analysis, that any moviegoer or intriguing mind can ingest. Therefore, I am willingly throwing my hat in the ring we refer to as the Internet.

I guess its just Risky Business, this whole Hollywood thing ...

*Below is the real deal video of Tom Cruise's iconic dancing sequence to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in Risky Business.


  1. hope you won't mind me saying this but that's one superhot picture ;) More self-promoting pics wouldn't hurt anyone in the future MDV ;)))))

  2. Dez, thanks for the compliment. This picture happened to capture my mindset for the day.

    I hear ya. I'll have to keep that in mind.

  3. you were in a playboy/Calvin Klein mood that day? :))

  4. I suppose you can put that spin on it lol. But actually, this picture was taken while I was on vacation in Cancun so I was embracing my time of leisure. Plus, it kind of reminded me of Tom Cruise in Risky Business -- which is such iconic film imagery -- minus the whole song and dance routine.