Saturday, December 11, 2010

Person of the Week II

      The follow-up victor to my Person of the Week segment follows in theme with the rationale behind selecting my inaugural winner—a film actor. 
      In lieu of his highly acclaimed new film, The Fighter—playing the lead role of real life junior welterweight Boxer, "Irish" Micky Ward—Mark Wahlberg will be taking the reigns from James Franco as the Person of the Week.  In a close race, Wahlberg nudged out the sagacious James L. Brooks, award winning Director of the upcoming film, How Do You Know.
      As he was pejoratively once known, Marky Mark has managed to successfully carve out a career that has brokered two competing feats.  Not only has Wahlberg trumped most of his fan's wildest expectations, but he has also defied the wry eye of some of his most cynical of haters.  
      After a short lived but pronounced singing and modeling career, Wahlberg turned his primary attention to acting.  Marky Mark would first catch the approval of critics with his performance in Basketball Diaries. 
      Debunking the notion that he is merely a one-note actor, Wahlberg has pieced together an acting resume that includes a smattering of diverse roles.  Some of Marky Mark's most well known roles include strong performances in Boogie Nights, Three Kings, and ownership of the only praiseworthy performance in I Heart Huckabees.  The Academy finally cast it's glorious light on Wahlberg by nominating him for Best Supporting Actor in one of my favorite films of all-time, The Departed.   
      Aside from acting, Wahlberg has produced the prominent HBO series, Entourage and my new favorite series, Boardwalk Empire.  From the philanthropic end, Wahlberg started the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, which helps raise capital for youth service programs.  Not bad for a guy who's formative years involved an addiction to cocaine, a stint in Boston's Deer Island House of Corrections, and an early charge for attempted murder. Talk about a Hollywood turnaround ...

* Just so we can all recollect with amusement on the beginnings of Marky Mark's fame, here is an old ass workout video showcasing the brash, soon-to-be movie star. LMAO...1...2....3....POW!!

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