Saturday, December 4, 2010

Person of the Week

      I just stumbled upon a new realization today. James Franco is the proverbial man.  My new film hero.  In lieu of this discovery, I have decided to post a weekly blog entry highlighting my favorite new "Person of the Week." The inaugural winner of this venerable award is indeed James Franco. 
      This guy has such an intricate depth of talent that I can only watch in awe.  As if being an Oscar nominated Actor is not enough accomplishment for one person, he decides to pursue four Master's degrees and a PhD from Yale University. 
      In addition, he will be the 2011 host of the Academy Awards, teaches a class at Yale, starred in daytime TV Soap Opera General Hospital, is currently starring in one of my favorite new films of the year, 127 Hours—with which an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor is all but guaranteed—and played iconic, but troubled film star, James Dean. 
      Oh yeah, he also paints, his work has been displayed publicly, and just about every lady clamors after him. 
      The list of his prodigious feats can fill a novel, so I will not reference them all.  But the point is made clear, crystal clear.  If one is not impressed by Franco's illustrious resume, then there is no one on this planet that you can admire.  Mission of the day for all my bloggers --> Wikipedia James Franco.  

* Below is a YouTube video of James Franco discussing his many endeavors: hosting the Oscars, 127 Hours, and directing.


  1. Oh James Franco. I’ve had a crush on him since his role in “Whatever it Takes” which I know is a pathetic chick flick, but I obviously fell in love with him in “Annapolis” and even more obvious, in “Spider Man. ” He is definitely my number one love interest (celebrity crush) with a close second to my boyfriend, and yes Matty, he knows this. I got the inside scoop from some Yalies that he likes to hang out at the Starbucks on the corner of Chapel and High Street. I have contemplated driving downtown for my coffee. While I am not as avid a movie go-er as you are, I have a great appreciation for James Franco’s accomplishments in film as well as academically. Oh and he was hysterical on Saturday Night Live! Impressive does not do him justice!

  2. Thanks Saira for being the maiden poster on my blog! "Whatever it Takes" is no Casablanca but the point that it introduced you to Franco is the important thing. Moreover, appreciating film is all about yielding to your own sensory experience. Something you consider precious, another may consider folly.
    Haha, yeah Mike filled me in on that detail about Franco being your go-to man crush. I have to check out his SNL performance.
    By the way, I do encourage you to watch 127 Hours, which is still in limited release in the theaters. His performance is electric and as an ardent fan, I am sure you will enjoy it on a greater level.

  3. He definitely is one of the few of the new Hollywood stars whom I find talented and not just popular without any justification.
    Hope he will be great hosting the Oscars this year, and as you read a few days ago over at HOLLYWOOD SPY he is planning on starting a directing career as well.

  4. Dezmond,

    Thanks for the update. Franco's career is definitely blossoming and I also cannot wait to see how well he handles the pressure of hosting the Oscars.

    Let's see if Franco's directing career can remotely follow in the footsteps of other successful actor-turned-directors (for instance, Clint Eastwood and Ben Affleck).