Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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True Grit Opens Today
      True Grit—a remake of the 1969 original of the same name—opens up today in both the United States & Canada in wide release.  The enormously talented Coen Brothers have enlisted their directing expertise in this remake of a classical Western.  What the Coen Brothers ultimately do with this distinguished property is all the more intriguing.  
      Late December is usually a time for Hollywood to test its Oscar mettle.  I will be watching the film in the coming days and will post a review.  We shall see if True Grit is as truly firm and unyielding as it's parent name suggests.  Of course, John Wayne earned his only Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role as Marshall Rooster Cogburn in the original film that opened in 1969.
      It is very fitting that Jeff Bridges has been tapped to follow in Wayne's immortal footsteps by taking the role of Rooster Cogburn.  After all, it took Bridges almost as long as Wayne to win that first, elusive Oscar for Best Actor—Bridges won the Award for his character portrayal of Bad Blake in Crazy Heart.  
      My expectations for this film are at an enormous peak and I just cannot wait to see it.  If my expectations are met, then a glowing review will follow.  

*Below is the Official Trailer for True Grit. 

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