Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio Freaks Out

       To those of you who are fans of Leonardo DiCaprio's work, I implore you to devote your next five minutes to this montage. You will undoubtedly appreciate it. I promise. 
      One of the noticeably awesome qualities of the Internet is the shear volume of uniquely well crafted user submitted videos in existence. Over at Slashfilm's new Page 2 segment, I uncovered this riveting video montage of DiCaprio. It is exceptionally well conceived and showcases some of his brightest and unabashedly, strange acting moments. I also love the intense musical backdrop from Clint Mansell's score (most of you will recognize this music from Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream which Mansell masterfully composed). Without further ado, click play.

*The original video is available on Youtube @ DiCaprio Montage

*Also, check out this link to a cool site, FilmWatch. A bunch of us in the comments section share our thoughts on DiCaprio's career, in addition to some musings on James Cameron and John Wayne.
Give it a Read!


  1. he always was a bit on the crazy side :)

  2. Haha yeah he has definitely shown a knack for crazy outbursts.

  3. He's passionate. He's a great A-lister in my opinion, been doing mostly the right films and the right cause as an environmentalist/philanthropist. I'm impressed.

  4. Sup J-SON!

    I agree. DiCaprio oozes passion from his many diverse roles. It is hard to not be impressed by his performances. Whether someone likes the guy or not, he also (as you point out) champions numerous philanthropic and environmental causes.

    I have grown to more appreciably respect his work of late, as it seems he really 'gets' it, and fully devotes himself to his craft. He is definitely a titanic modern actor, no pun intended.

  5. I've been a huge fan of DiCaprio since Romeo+Juliet. He gets lost in his roles. Watching him, I'm completely drawn into the character and forget that it's Leo on screen.

  6. @ Melissa

    Leo is the man. Excuse the idiom but you hit the nail on the head with your appraisal of his work. He does get completely immersed in his characters. This is what makes him so damn good. He has such a lofty, well-known public image, but he refuses to rest on his popularity or confuse his off-screen exploits with his on-screen portrayals. I cannot wait for the J. Edgar Hoover biopic! DiCaprio is long overdue for a Best Actor Oscar.

  7. He certainly is. I'm very interested in the Hoover pic as well. It looks to have an outstanding cast for the most part.

  8. Never has an actor worked so hard to win me over as DiCaprio has. I hated Titanic and was so afraid he was going that route in his career but since 'Blood Diamond' and 'Shutter Island' I am happy to see that he is not. The fact that he could anchor such a high concept film as 'Inception' and keep the attention OFF himself (something that say a Tom Cruise could never pull off) is what makes him a great actor. I am happy to eat crow on my earlier criticism of him. He's the real deal.

  9. Kal,

    Thanks for the comment, a very thoughtful one indeed.

    Leo has definitely undergone a splendid maturation as an actor. He showed great promise early in his career (for ex: What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Basketball Diaries), but he stymied this high acclaim by some uninspired roles immediately after (for ex: The Quick and The Dead, where it seemed he was more concerned about maintaining teenage popularity and less concerned about making thought-provoking films)

    But since the 2000's, beginning with Gangs of New York, Leo illustrated a refined and immense talent. It became abundantly clear that he was ready to embrace a more substantive adult film career. He transcended his meteoric popularity. This is when I became a staunch Leo supporter.

    His talent has always been undeniable. It was his superficial decision-making (acting choices) that always griped me.