Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Film News

      The Writers Guild of America has recently unveiled their nominations for its coveted original screenplay award.  These nominees are as follows: Inception, The Fighter, Please Give, The Kids Are All Right and Black Swan.  
      Their nominees for the adapted screenplay award are True Grit, I Love You Phillip Morris, The Social Network, 127 Hours and The Town.  The winners will be announced on February 5, 2011
      Though the Writers Guild's stringent guidelines have disqualified some deserving candidates, notably The King's Speech and Toy Story 3, it is still a tremendously prestigious honor to receive a nomination.  I do not foresee any protest from the soon-to-be winners claiming that the guidelines are flagrantly unfair. 
      Not to conceal a bias or anything, but I am hoping that Inception takes home the award for original screenplay while The Social Network wins the adapted screenplay award.  Essentially, these two nominees are the likely favorites anyway.  I am no bandwagon award critic either I just absolutely loved these two films.  If you do not believe me, check out my lengthy Top 10 Films of 2010 List; The Social Network and Inception are one and two respectively. 

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Writers Guild Announces Screen Award Nominees


  1. It's interesting and nice, seeing "I Love You Phillip Morris" among the nominees. And I feel sorry for "The King's Speech", that's one of the rare good films I've seen this year!

  2. Dez, I completely agree about Phillip Morris's nomination as it represents a refreshing nod of approval for a rarely seen film.

    The disqualification of The King's Speech is puzzling. I do not harbor too much sympathy for that film though, as I expect some Oscar gold in their future, which frankly is much more significant for the film's long term value. I fully expect Colin Firth to earn the Best Actor Oscar for his deafeningly compelling portrayal of King George VI.