Friday, January 7, 2011

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A Blogger is Thrust onto the Big Stage

      In lieu of the impressive work that is perpetrated daily by the diverse slew of talented bloggers in this vast cyberspace, I wanted to take a moment to underscore a recent development from the blogging community.  Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, a 24-year old movie blogger has become the shining example of how hard work, smartly crafted blogging, and a go-getter attitude can benefit from a little fortuity and prominence.  The Chicago native first caught the critically omniscient eye of film's Mount Rushmore, Roger Ebert, by hosting intelligent and informative screenings that Ebert often attended.  Aside from this happenstance scenario, Vishnevetsky also displayed an uncanny, intellectually focused critiquing prowess by writing for, the Chicago Reader and  Ebert's affection for the young budding film reviewers work grew out of an acknowledgment of Vishnevetsky's incredible film knowledge and insightfully tactful critical approach. 
      The story of Vishnevetsky (it is laborious to constantly write this guy's last name) is precisely the kind of story that both excites and terrifies me.  For one, the idea that a relatively obscure blogger can gain prominence and be cast on Ebert's new film reviewer show, Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies, is incredibly inspiring.  All of us passionate bloggers share a unique goal that we painstakingly work to achieve by exposing our work to an openly diverse forum on the Internet.  From a contrarian standpoint, Vishnevetsky's sudden rise to fame worries me because it highlights the shear amount of luck that is required to achieve such a coveted position.  The revelation that our tireless work and countless hours of critiquing and writing is met with only a small audience is a fearful acknowledgment.  But I deduce, without a scintilla of regret, that I will proudly and diligently work towards my aspirations in the film industry despite the stark and sobering thought that I may never be discovered.  A meticulous resiliency and a passionately fueled ambition is all one needs to positively work towards their dreams.  I am passionate about film and I possess an unwavering, unflinching desire to achieve that goal. 

If you want to check out the original story from Slashfilm, click the link below. 

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