Monday, April 18, 2011

Blogging Award Part Deux

Stylish Blogger Award

      Modesty goes out the window with this newest announcement. Thanks to the lovely and talented Nicole @ Electric Daze, I am now the grandiloquent owner of the "Stylish Blogging Award." I've always considered myself a trendy fella. I mean why else do most of my friends ferret out my incomparable advice when deciding which gear to rock on a Saturday Night. My buddy James used to come to my house with four different shirts—and this was before Jersey Shore turned t-shirt time into the newest, hippest, and most superficially-based, college-aged trend since....well, starter jackets, baggy jeans, and every other Hip-Hop fashion fad of my youth. 
      It's because my friends accept the fact that I'm the authority on that which constitutes swank style. Like the unrivaled voice of our generation P. Diddy (or is that Kanye—sensing any sarcasm, yet?) "Don't tattoo my name, tattoo my logo, And let the whole world know you're fu**in with a mogul." As a trendsetter, this is the credo I live by....I'm Just Playing. If you read up to this point, you flat-out got Punked. Maybe, it's the fact that the refs robbed my Knicks of a deserving win against the Celtics last night, but I'm in a spunky mood. Not that it matters, but my real world style ain't that bad though; some of my friends do seek out my advice. My virtual blogosphere style, however, is high on Limitless pills

 My style is impetuous. What's more disconcerting is the iPod Dock, Red Bull, and random Tyson quote.

      Here are the rules. I will be brief because I'm swamped with work at the moment. 
      1). Link to the awesome Nicole!
      2). Award three bloggers (I'll go with three new bloggers this time—Congrats to each of you!):
            1). Susan Kane
            2). Nate Wilson
            3). Niki
      3). Share 7 things (again, lol).
      4). And inform winners of their new bling bling.

Seven Random Tidbits
  1. The next time I win one of these awards, I'm not revealing seven things. Blogosphere, you have been forewarned.
  2. My favorite type of food is....wait for it....Italian food—especially, home-cooked meals from Ma Dukes!
  3. Blue is my favorite color, which explains my profile picture.
  4. If I could ride the DeLorean back to one specific time period in American History, it would be the Roaring Twenties.
  5. I've written one full-length screenplay. I hate doing those broad comparisons—you know, it's an X meets Y kind of film—because they not only marginalize the premise, but they set the overall mood for the viewer. I will be a little more forthright in telling you that my second screenplay resides in the gangster genre.
  6. Michael Jordan is still my favorite athlete of all-time.
  7. If I could ever join one reality TV show (I've never auditioned), I'd choose Survivor, without any hesitation. 
 *Another P. Diddy—at the time it was Puff Daddy—song reference that I hope garners no relevance here is "You can hate me now.."

That's all folks :)


    1. LMAO!!! Congratulations!!! This is definitely a stylish blog. You're toting that iPod deck like an old school break dancer and his boombox. As a life-long Bulls fan, I like your Michael Jordan shout out. And I, too love the roaring twenties. There is a place here in Chicago called Tommy Gunn's Garage where you can have the total speakeasy experience.

      I once lived in a house that had a tunnel to the bar across the street. The bar was speakeasy in the 20's and they used to bring in the liquor from the basement of our house. When I moved in, we found all sorts of old bar memorabilia.

    2. Congrats on the award, Matty. You blog is just as stylish as you are ;) I consider myself a trendy guy, too, as I think I'm gifted with taste, and just like you, all my buddies ask me for style tips,outfit ideas bla, bla, bla... I'm not metrosexual though. No way. I hate metrosexuality!

      So these are the last 7 things about you you're sharing with us? Damn, I loved that part! :) It's fun, it's witty... just like Matty himslef ;)

      Nicole is pretty amazing - I'm a fan of hers. :)

    3. Congrats, Matty! Well deserved, although I'm guessing most of us would consider you gorgeous even if you wore just some rags on you :)

      Why am I not surprised that you are writing a gangsta script? :)

      Ooooh, we would so wanna watch you in SURVIVOR :))

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Um, clearly I can't type. Let's try that again.

      I call shotgun in that DeLorean, because I'd love to be a flapper in the '20s, at least to learn their dance moves!

      - allison writes

    6. Congrats, you fly bastard! And in the words of P. Diddy, holla for gangsta scripts!

    7. @ Craig

      Thanks man!

      @ Melissa

      Haha, glad to gleam a laugh! MJ is just the greatest, period. I'll never stop expressing my awe at his grandiose marvels on the court. There will never be another MJ (sorry Kobe), but D. Rose is damn good too!

      And, I've always been drawn to the Roaring Twenties since reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (easily one of my fav. books).

      Chicago was a leading metropolitan center during that time, so let me just say that the house you lived in sounds awesome. I would love to be able to sense the culture of those times. I'll remember Tommy Gunn's Garage when I venture out to Chicago.

      @ Nebular

      Thanks homie! Haha, metrosexual I am not, and I feel ya on the stigma of that title. Being stylish requires you to be responsible. Your friends will always seek out your advice and follow your lead.

      Nicole is an incredible blogger and person, and I'll probably do another 7 revelations again, but no time soon, aight!

    8. @ Dezmond

      Thanks Dezz! You're always a man of charm.

      And my gangster script is certainly no surprise to anyone who knows me.

      I love the adventure aspects of Survivor in addition to the physical rigors and the tests of mental strength. I'd be a terrific way to assess just how much I can physically and mentally withstand.

      @ Allison

      Haha, no biggie. I often find some of my comments are littered with typos and grammatical no-no's because I don't take the careful time to read them through. I should definitely remedy that bad habit.

      And I'd love the company. I'd rock out with the foxtrot, the waltz, and the tango!

      @ M.

      Thanks! P. Diddy, such a lyrical fella, huh!?

    9. Yay!! So deserved. Based on your pictures and your fantastic writing you definitely have style! : )

      I can't believe you've written a film script!! That is so impressive. I love that you’re working on a gangster one. Is it based in the roaring twenties? The costumes would be amazing… fedoras!

    10. aw Thanks Matty and congrats to you, XX Yay my favourite colour is blue too!

    11. @ Liz

      Thank you so much!

      @ Nicole

      You're wonderful! Thanks again!

      Yes, I've got one full script down, currently laboring over my second. I just love film that much. But sadly, it's not set in the Roaring Twenties, though that would be fantastic. I love wearing fedoras!

      @ Niki

      You're welcome. Much deserved, and not just because you too appreciate the blue hue.